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  • National Easter Basket Day

    National Easter Basket Day

    In an unfortunate coincidence, this year Peeps Week begins on National Easter Basket Day. The Peeps have chained themselves together to try to avoid getting picked off one by one.

  • Unisex Peeps

    Unisex Peeps

    The Peeps, being unisex, have great difficulty figuring out the proper way to mate.

  • Seder Peeps

    Seder Peeps

    Fearing a certain death if they ended up in the Easter basket, the Peeps contemplate hiding out on the Seder plate.

  • Icarus Peep

    Icarus Peep

    Don’t let hubris prevent you from listening to your father!

  • Lonely Peep

    Lonely Peep

    Hoping that showing up in Dupont Circle at rush hour would get him a pick-up chess game, but no, everyone just walked by him.