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  • Stuck Peep

    Stuck Peep

    The Peep ship EverGreen has been stuck in the Suez bathtub for several days, causing a crisis for the paper boats that need to get through before they disintegrate

  • Handmaid Peeps

    Handmaid Peeps

    The producers are furious when they discover that all of the Handmaid scenes they shot in D.C. are worthless because a Peep snuck on to the set.

  • Julian Peepsange

    Julian Peepsange

    When Julian Peepsange was arrested yesterday, people were shocked at how gaunt and gray he looked after seven years in the embassy.

  • National Enquirer

    National Enquirer

    BREAKING NEWS – AMI has put the National Enquirer up for sale, and the Peeps are terrified that damaging stories about them will come out of the vault.



    Oh no, ARRESTS! The Peeps have been caught up in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal. But their lawyers are making an insanity defense – it is so painful for the Peeps to hold a pencil that they are driven mad by the SAT. (They are terrified about the thought of prison – what if Felicity […]