Category: political

  • Federal Reserve Board

    Federal Reserve Board

    With the President stacking the Federal Reserve Board with his Peep appointments, his secret goal is revealed – turn chocolate money into the coinage of the realm. Warning: your paper money is rapidly becoming worthless, go buy chocolate as soon as you can!

  • Mueller report redactions

    Mueller report redactions

    Attorney General Barr, in a seasonal mood, turns to Peeps to make his redactions to the Mueller report.

  • Border Wall

    Border Wall

    The sudden construction of the border wall has created tragedy among this Peeps, separating and eviscerating them.

  • Stormy McPeep

    Stormy McPeep

    The sight that unfortunately can never been unseen: Stormy McPeep waiting in bed with the infamous magazine.

  • Paul ManaPeep

    Paul ManaPeep

    Paul ManaPeep is so incredibly frustrated that the judge’s gag order prevents him from speaking to the reporters. The only way he manages to keep quiet is by not having a mouth.